April 17, 2019  /  GaySA Radio

Hunter The Voice speaks about his experience with homophobia. Having lived in London, the United States, Tanzania, and South Africa, he says he has experienced homophobia in many forms, both overt and very subtle. He has some solutions as to how to combat such homophobia as he chats with Hendrik in Cape Town.

As he grew up in a Muslim household, he thought his parents would disown him when he finally told them he was gay. He did not expect the reaction he got from his father.

He also chats about his first single called So Gay. He explains where the songs come from and how it has inadvertently turned him into an activist. He received lots of feedback, both positive and negative, which has had the effect of starting a conversation.

Hunter The Voice is currently in Cape Town where he is working on a show which he will debut soon. In this interview with Hendrik, he talks about his journey as a musician. He started singing in the shower but eventually went for vocal training before he decided to pursue his passion. He talks about the links between music and fashion too.

Hunter the Voice has just released a new single, called Mona Lisa Man. In conversation with Hendrik in Cape Town, he chats about the unusual way he found the song’s title and explains the meaning behind the lyrics.