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Diabolique is Africa’s largest Fetish and Fantasy Festival, packed with entertainment, fetish, fantasy, fashion and art shows starring renowned alternative models, DJ’s and artists from all over the world. We aim to keep our audience entertained, excited and enthralled, always striving to make the next event even more extravagant than the one before.


Diabolique is a trendsetting and innovative event. Every edition has its own theme to encourage the best in décor and outfits, complimenting the playful atmosphere with a theatrical twist. Fetish meets Fantasy meets Cirque Du Soleil.


Open-minded individuals: from the young and fashionable to the alternative, from the creative burlesque to the sophisticated BDSM and fetishists. The age ranges from 21 till 91.


No! Diabolique is a Festival, aiming to dissolve the myths deep rooted amongst the mainstream, that a fetish atmosphere is something to be intimidated by, when, in fact, the complete opposite is true. Diabolique aims to create the most respectful and safest environment possible.


To create the typical Diabolique atmosphere and to let like-minded adults enjoy the party to the fullest, Diabolique has a strict dress code. We encourage our guests to express themselves and expose their creativity and fantasy into their outfits. The dress code is vigorously checked by our notorious Door Bitches. The door is the actual place where the playing begins. The decision of the Door Bitch is final and there are no ticket refunds if the dress code is not adhered to. You can change at the venue as we provide a dressing room. You may also purchase outfits at our onsite store. Everyone, as long as you abide by our dress code, is welcome. The dress code is diverse, but casual streetwear, T-shirts and Jeans are not permitted. The Diabolique dress code is a means of excluding all those individuals who do not share the fetish and fantasy mindset. Diabolique strongly encourages individual imagination and diversity. Although plain black rubber and leather are sufficient to get access to the event, Diabolique is more about fantasy and transformation. Exploring your wildest and deepest fantasies also means tapping into your personal creativity where it concerns your outfit. We consider it an honour if you take the time to come up with something special and unique. Something that captures the essence of your fetish and fantasy persona.

Venue: Fox Junction & Good Luck Bar Event Venue

Dates: 05/10/2019 to 06/10/2019

Times: 17:00

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