July 19, 2022That tweet has had over 160k likes and tens of thousands of retweets.Related: Pete Buttigieg schools Fox New Reporter with perfect response to questionThis tweet contains a list of all those who voted against the legislation.Here are the 157 Republican no votes on Marriage Equality pic.twitter.com/XDBFc8wdCX— Acyn (@Acyn) July 19, 2022It includes the usual suspects, such as Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jim Jordan, Madison Cathorn, and Matt Gaetz.

Many of them, talking during the House debate or to the press, stopped short of saying gay people should not be allowed to marry, but argued they believed that, like abortion, it’s correct to send the issue back to individuals states to decide.GOP Rep.

Jim Jordan called the bill “completely unnecessary” and the latest attempt by Democrats to “delegitimize and attempt to intimidate the United States Supreme Court.”Whether the Respect for Marriage act now passes the Senate remains to be seen.