saraa4a00f7b8f—disabledpunks4reprorights—kaiguy—brandim4f4855a85″He revealed that he drove 60 miles to get to the festival and was going to drive 60 miles back, which I thought was really funny, especially with these astronomical gas prices.” —katnisseverdeen12345—wynnebo—lucemckenzie—padawanryan”My way of coming out was turning down an ‘ally’ sticker that was offered to me.

I kept telling people who asked, ‘Oops, it must have fallen off.'” —area51official—lielo317—mkatherinekelly—miab4e8eaccc7—aditson”If you are in a place, where it’s still dangerous to be yourself, remember that baby steps are still steps forward — so just keep walking.” —Anonymous, 36, Ukraine”My husband and I have had many lovely days together since, but this still stands out as the most wholesome fun we have had.”  —Anonymous, 32, United Kingdom “Oh, how times have changed!” —Anonymous, 30, Québec”Honestly, the love and joy I feel at every Pride event now is heartwarming.

Everyone is complimenting each other, hugging strangers, and just so happy to be there.” —Anonymous, 54, Illinois”God said, ‘Love thy neighbor,’ and I really felt that energy there.” —Anonymous, 19, Idaho”Later in the day, the event moved over to the few bars and clubs in the city — we went to the only 18+ club, and it’s where mostly everyone went afterwards.