It’s part 2 of our Pride 2021 series. On this episode we’re joined by 11 year old Alex. We get her take on music, the new Pride flags and LGBTQ discussion and education in school. Plus we chat with Canadian Artiste Amai Kuda from the project Amai Kuda et les bois about new song and music video ‘Love Song’. And we hear new music from Peter Jessy, The Dives, Lyncs, Billy Mick, Mike Maimone, ISMI and Kristof Hajos. A jame packed episode of talk and tunes all for you! ⚡️CONNECT WITH Q REVIEW⚡️ Website: ⚡️ FaceBook / Instagram / Twitter @theqreviews ⚡️⚡️Apparel Shop QReview’s Artist Shop | Featuring custom t-shirts, prints, and more ⚡️Theme Music provided and performed by UK DJ and producer Hectic @hectictracks on Instagram⚡️