Kenney and Lola kick off 2021 with our first ever (but not last) episode devoted to covers of classic and new songs by LGBTQ artists! This is definitely episode one of a new series we’ll be revisiting. We get into lots of music cover chat (and even some Dan Levy/Noah Reid and Schitt’s Creek love!) and bring you interpretations from many artists including Bertie Scott, Count Klassy, Fab the Duo, Anna Volpe, Jack Newsome, Tika, Elliot Lee, Tin, Plasmic, Lady Charles and Joey Dean and Corvyx. ⚡️CONNECT WITH Q REVIEW⚡️ Website: ⚡️FB/Instagram/Twitter @theqreviews ⚡️⚡️Apparel Shop ⚡️Theme Music provided and performed by UK DJ and producer Hectic @hectictracks on Instagram⚡️