best auto manufacturers like Chevrolet is creating a new level of visibility in the industry.In addition to providing loaner cars for road rally events, Chevrolet has also made a concerted effort to include queer voices in its roll-out of new vehicles, inviting Thiewes to Las Vegas for Corvette “driving school.”“I do think there is a distinct difference between inviting media who happened to be gay and inviting media who are visible and representative of and for the community,” Thiewes told Queerty.Chevy has also partnered with LGBTQ Nation to create Authentic Voices of Pride, a program that spotlights intimate conversations, in-depth editorials, and firsthand stories from people within the community.

Authentic Voices of Pride began in 2021 and focuses on topics such as inclusion in sports, families, drag as activism, justice reform, young people experiencing homelessness and emerging leaders.Queerty chatted with Thiewes about his interest in cars, the growth of Out Motorsports, and his favorite moment from the recent Hot Girl Summer Road Rally.When did you first begin to take interest in the automotive industry and motorsports?My mom will tell you that I would ride around in the back seat of her car at age two and read off badges on trunk lids.

And that was the start of it all. One of the first words I said was garage door. So this has been an interest from birth or shortly thereafter.