in Colombia for his services.“Do you know anything about an effort to — I’m going to call it — poison Phil or give him unknown substances?” Collins’ attorney Jeffrey Fisher asked Pala in a deposition.Pala replied: “I heard about Mrs Collins ask another employee of the house to do some kind of magical things and pay for the services, and in return, put some substances in white wine for Mr.

Phil Collins … It’s like how you believe in black magic from Colombia, whatever you want to call it.”Pala, who never discussed the situation with Cevey, said he heard about the alleged plans from Cevey’s former personal assistantAsked what Cevey was trying to do by “putting this black magic on Phil,” Pala said: “Maybe trying to empower herself over him.” It’s not clear whether Cevey ever received any substances from her Colombian contact.

Fisher declined to comment. Cevey’s attorney was unavailable for comment.Pala, who owns a security firm called Tactops USA, said he started providing full-time security for Cevey in August 2020, adding that they had known each other for years prior.