Dear South African LGBTIQ+ Leaders and Heroes
As we all know that MP Deidre Carter introduced a Private Members Bills to remove Section 6 of the Civil Union Act and which was received with open arms by the Parliamentary Committee for Home Affairs. So this is GREAT news for us to possibly receive equal public service delivery from The Department of Home Affairs.
HOWEVER, our fight is not over and still need to present a convincing case to parliament from our community when the public hearings start (because the Speaker of Parliament only receive a couple of hundred submissions in favour to change the act and we know that religious institutions are going to push back).
Therefore I propose the following steps (and please give more suggestions to help us gain momentum):
1. Share, tag and get people to sign the a-political petition we started last year on all social media platforms:
2. If you can write to radio stations, newspapers or blogs to have interviews GO FOR IT, just let us know so we can share.
3. If you are a pride convener or LGBT festival or conference organizer please share the movement with your follower and get the people to sign the petition.
4. Once we know the dates of the public hearings we should attend and make sure we have a presence inside and outside parliament. This will be discussed once we have the dates.
Any other ideas or suggestions please share so that we can have a united front and ensure we are not treated as SECOND CLASS CITIZENS in South Africa.
Igor Scheurkogel
Cell:  +27 73 860 3698
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