@JustLikeUsUK for #SchoolsDiversityWeek. They’ve created amazing primary school packs based on my book The Marvellous Doctors for Magical Creatures, plus there’s a chance for a school to win an author visit.

https://t.co/PabdhNMw03‘In my experience, the vast majority of people in the UK are not homophobic at all. ‘But because there is so little representation of LGBTQ+ life, especially in children’s spaces, there will be a lot of them who have never come across such types of relationships.‘I remember taking the children to a playdate when they were in nursery school.‘They were playing a game of family and the girl whose house we were at wanted to be the mummy. ‘One of my daughters said that she wants to be the other mummy and the girl was like, “What, there is not another mummy,” so my daughter got a little upset by that. ‘It was not that that little child was homophobic, it was just that she had never come across such relationships before.’The survey from Just Like Us of 1,001 parents comes as thousands of schools across the UK celebrate School Diversity Week, where young people learn about diverse families and tackling bullying.During the week-long event, students have the opportunity to take part in various activities, including Rainbow Friday dress-up day, and ask questions about LGBTQ+ culture they might be apprehensive about asking at home.According to their research, dads are less likely than mums to have a conversation with their child about what the abbreviation means.