The museum at San Francisco International Airport is showing several Pride-themed short films during June, and passengers can check them out while waiting for their flights or watch some of them online.”Join us in celebrating Pride Month at SFO,” a description on the SFO Museum website stated.

The films are all 20 minutes or less and the website gives a brief synopsis.”Unity Mosque” is a 2021 film by Nicole Teeny. It celebrates one of the world’s first queer-affirming and gender-equal mosques in Toronto, Canada that was co-founded by Imam El-Farouk and his husband Troy.”La Amante” (“The Mistress”) (2020) is by Puerto Rican-born filmmaker Pati Cruz Martínez.

The 2020 short is about Maritere (Tete), who receives a visit from an old friend during her husband’s funeral that reawakens old feelings from the past.In “Wishes” (2021), multi-disciplinary artist and filmmaker Amy K.