I cannot even believe #FirstKill isn’t getting another season. It makes zero sense from a budgetary and viewership perspective.

Also, those optics are TERRIBLE. I’m gobsmacked.there was literally no reason to cancel first kill. it had more than 30 million views in its first week and more than 40 million it’s second, it was trending on twitter for weeks before and after it’s release and it was in the top 10 shows in over 80 countries for several weeksnetflix saying first kill’s cancellation was bc of views not being enough for the cost when they literally gave them a budget of 5 dollars and a juice box and got 100 million viewing hours in return…Heartstopper, adapted from a series of graphic novels, centers around a romance between two teenage boys.

netflix renewed heartstopper for two more seasons but not first kill ?? WHEN FIRST KILL HAD WAYYY MORE STREAMS ? does anyone see the issue here or…first kill brought in more numbers than heartstopper and yet they got a double renewal while first kill got cancelled after ONE season…we’re not comapring first kill with heartstopper we’re comparing how netflix treats mlm-centric shows to how they treat their wlw showsCan we please let queer women thrive?