the flailing streamer launched a new “reality” competition series called Snowflake Mountain, which purports to trick 10 entitled young adults into attending a wilderness camp where they’re stripped of their privileges and whipped into shape by a pair of “survival experts.”Related: Ricky Gervais’ new transphobic Netflix special has social media outragedRight off the bat, the show telegraphs what it wants us to think of its cast: That they’re a joke.

In its opening minutes, we’re introduced to our “snowflakes”—who are largely people of color and/or queer individuals—and they’re shown to be whiny, lazy, overly sensitive, self-centered, and even *gasp* vegan.As Snowflake Mountain wants us to believe, these people have become such a burden to their families (naturally, they all still live home), that their parents duped them into attending a survival school boot camp, which will apparently teach them to grow up, be more responsible, and….

not be such a snowflake.For some reason, the whole thing is presided over by two random dudes named Matt and Joel. They tout their military experiences and bemoan a generation of people who “can’t even unload a dishwasher, let alone hold down a job.” Sure, they’re congenial enough, but it’s never remotely apparent why they’re the two in charge, and we’re certainly not sure why they think learning how to chop down a tree or skin a deer is going to help these individuals hold a job in the real world.