Q-Force has not been renewed for a second season. Helmed by stand-up comedian and writer Gabe Liedman, the animated action/comedy stars Will & Grace’s Sean Hayes as Agent Maryweather, a spy who – after coming out as gay during his American Intelligence Agency (AIA) graduation ceremony – is relocated and stationed in West Hollywood.

There, he tries to hold his unlikely team of LGBTQ+ ass-kicking misfits together – including mechanic and driver Deb (Wanda Sykes), disguise artist Twink (Matt Rogers) and expert hacker Stat (Patti Harrison) – before embarking on dangerous missions that could save the world, while proving that LGBTQ+ agents are just as effective as their heterosexual counterparts in the process.

The supporting cast also includes Gary Cole, David Harbour, Laurie Metcalf and Stephanie Beatriz. On a recent episode of the Attitudes!