Wondercade, which he describes in his typical waggish fashion as a “weekly missive of random things worth yammering about. The goal was to make it creative and authentic.”Wondercade is a marvelous, trendy, hip, and entertaining cacophony of missives about art, travel, food, drink, entertainment, and just about everything else that tickles Harris’s fancy.When I asked him if this was his “baby,” outside of his two adorable children, of course, Harris agreed: “I just thought at 48, it was time to pass on knowledge and create an eclectic experience that might allow people to take a moment of joy out of their stressful day.”Wondercade appears in email boxes on Wednesdays.

And as draining as my day might have been, around 3 p.m., in comes the newsletter, lighting up my inbox. I immediately feel its calming presence, cease what I’m doing, and dive right in.In one of his latest tomes, during this uncomfortable month of January, Harris offered three comfort food recipes that are personal to three top chefs.

He asked them to submit something that they wouldn’t do for a media appearance — something creative and authentic to them.What Wondercade featured were tantalizing recipes for braised baby potatoes with pancetta, comte cheese and sage, chicken chili, and classic Bolognese, with personal stories from the famed chefs about what the dishes meant to them.