Netflix’s Uncouple has dropped on the platform today (July 29), starring Neil Patrick Harris who must confront the dating scene once again when his partner leaves him after 17 years together.The gay romance drama is set to be one of the streaming service’s biggest releases, with Neil bringing in a massive fanbase with him, despite recent controversy surrounding an Amy Winehouse cake.The star has been proudly out for years, but in his younger days he was known for dating multiple women and having his fair share of flings.He’s opened up about his past on a few occasions, admitting he felt “unsettled” when he slept with women.Today, Neil is in a long-term committed relationship with his husband, but it took him years of seeing women and one kiss from a famous male movie star to transform his life forever.Before coming out, Neil was linked to numerous women, with most of them being out of the public eye, though there were three famous faces he was attached to.One of Neil’s main relationships before coming out was Robyn Lively, Blake Lively’s sister, with the pair dating for just a year.They were a couple together on- and off-screen during the Doogie Howser, MD years, though they finally separated in 1993.It would take another 13 years for Neil to come out as gay, but Robyn went on to marry High School Musical actor Bart Johnson, with the pair being married for 22 years.From 1997 to 1998, Neil dated actress Christine Taylor, who is best known for High Desert, Search Party and Arrested Development.She married Ben Stiller in 2000 and the two stars have been together since.During an interview with Howard Stern, Neil acknowledged his relationship with Christine helped him come to terms with his sexuality.He said: “She’s the.