While we live in a city that is populated by millions of other people, it’s not always to make new friends, perhaps if you are new to the city. Or maybe you have become isolated, your friends are all your husband (or wife’s) friends, and you don’t have any of your own? Or maybe you just looking for an easy evening out while you make a new friend or two?

In an age where we are all looking at our phones, it is easy to get sucked into the world of apps like Grindr, never really making a connection with people. Maybe even you are looking for “the one” and you want to see what’s available on the market?

Maybe you think you’re “the only gay in the village”? Well, you’re not! And help is on the way.

GaySA Radio and Grounded Bistro are teaming up to bring you an LGBT Speed “Meeter”. An evening where you spend five minutes with every person there and get to know some other people. Maybe you will make a friend, maybe you will find another connection, maybe there may even be Cupids at play. Whichever way, you should take the evening off and come on over to Grounded.

GaySA Radio will be playing some of it’s greatest music (we only play LGBTQ+ artists, allies and icons) and Hendrik will be on hand to help you download the GaySA Radio App. There is a yummy menu you can choose something delicious to eat from while having a drink or two to break the ice. Our host, John, will then facilitate the LGBT Speed “Meeter” and make sure we all get to chat with each other.

And the LGBT Speed “Meeter” being held on election day, so what better way to unwind after making your X than to come to join us for a fun evening.

Here are the details: It will be at Grounded Bistro in Somerset Square, Greenpoint. It’s on Wednesday 8 May starting at 7 pm. Thirty bucks will get you in.

Check out the Facebook event here. 

Listen to the interviews here.