Transgender Awareness Week is observed in the second week of November every year, letting the spotlight fall on the rights of transgender people and acknowledging the daily struggles that many trans people experience in their lives.

In the month of November, GaySA Radio will be adding our voice to raise awareness of trans people in general, and #MyTransJourney hopes to do this by sharing the everyday stories of trans South Africans.

We have already created some great content that is well worth a listen, but we encourage listeners to tune in from 5 November to 15 November for special content as a part of Transgender Awareness Week 2018.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates.

“Gender doesn’t need – and doesn’t have – gatekeepers. This is where the media needs to wise up. I have no idea why news producers are asking cisgender people for details of things they have no experience of. When it comes to trans issues, you can either get the experience from a trans person or an opinion from a cis person.”

– Juno Dawson, author and transgender activist