There’s a moment in the HBO series “Somebody Somewhere” that speaks to exactly who Murray Hill—comic, cabaret performer, and actor—really is.A few episodes in, Hill—playing soil scientist and late-night emcee Fred Rococo—is out to brunch with his new friend Sam (Hill’s real-life bestie, Bridget Everett.) The two are settling up the bill when a waiter expresses confusion around Rococo’s gender. “Sir, I’m sorry, ma’am,” the waiter says, stumbling over their words.But Rococo doesn’t flinch.

He’s been here before.“Don’t worry,” he says amiably. “You had it right the first time.” He leaves a large tip and goes back about his business.

It’s just another day in his life, a life which probably holds many of these types of awkward interactions.In previous scenes, we’ve encountered Fred Rococo in outfits and atmospheres much closer to the Murray Hill persona: usually in a loud, wonderfully-campy suit jacket, large glasses, and playing the role of lovable, corny emcee to practiced perfection.