Monét X Change won our hearts, then won Drag Race, then won her way to the final lipsync of the first-ever all winners season.

If it sounds iconic, that’s because she is.The first official Miss Congeniality/season winner in Rupaul’s Drag Race history returned to deliver once again, and from the fashions to the vocals to a killer Mike Tyson impression, the sponge queen wasted no opportunity.After twelve triumphant episodes and a new position as the lovely first alternate of all queens, Monét sat down with Queerty to take a look back and discuss what’s next.QUEERTY: Last time we chatted, you had just been blocked by The Vivienne.MONÉT: That wh*re.Do you think justice was served in the end?You mean justice was served like, “B*tch, you didn’t make it to the top four”?

When I had the chance to block, I could’ve blocked Viv; I chose Raja instead. By that point, I had let bygones be bygones. I was mad at that b*tch for maybe 10 seconds, and then I got over it.Anyone who knows me knows it’s hard for me to stay mad at someone, and Viv is a good friend.