Gallery: The Duchess of Sussex turns 41 today! It’s 10 things you didn’t know about the remarkable Meghan Markle! (BANG Showbiz)But in her present life, Michelle and David celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in June, and she believes the secret to a happy marriage is “not becoming too codependent”.

She said: “I surprised him with a day at a spa and we had facials, massages and sat by the pool sipping lovely drinks and enjoying each other’s company.

He is a wonderful man. And handsome. I like to think I did well! “I do believe the secret is having time to ourselves and not becoming too codependent. ” While Michelle has always been the main breadwinner, she admits author and screenwriter David is still “very much the man of the household”, and despite their quarter of a century together, he isn’t always a big fan of her straight-talking.