Kenney Fitzpatrick

About Kenney Fitzpatrick

Avid music lover, comicbook geek, sci-fi devourer, wine and craft beer “enthusiast”, husband and crazy cat dad. Kenney is also an educator and dedicated practitioner of community service, youth advocacy and lifelong learning. Previously having spent the 20+ years working with students in the post secondary education sector, Kenney has now shifted to combine his love of music and his work in education and advocacy together to create new projects of support for LGBTQ artists around the world. Working with the distinct needs and challenges of LGBTQ artists at the forefront, it’s his mission to support queer artists by advocating for stronger, more accurate representation within industry as well as on media outlets and to provide a platform for them to be heard and seen.

As a practitioner of lifelong learning and longtime community builder, Kenney aims to create spaces where artists can share their stories and reach larger audiences. Alongside this mission is the undertaking of educating our queer youth on the incredibly rich and diverse talent that exists within the LGBTQ+ community.

When not working on various projects, interviewing artists, hosting his OUT LOUD Podcast and OUT LOUD radio show, he tries to relax. If the weather’s nice you may possibly find him with a beverage on a patio, a beach or a golf course. He’s not a great golfer, but he drives a mean cart!

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