Alexis Pace “I love detail — the crack and puckering of paint, the patina of a door hinge, the way a shadow falls over the sidewalk,” she said. “I tend to take extreme close-up photos to capture these details.

But more than anything, it is light that inspires me. From the sun setting behind rolling hills, to headlights reflected in a puddle at night, if my heart skips a beat, I aim to capture it.”Pace met Szu, her partner, in 2000, and they married in 2012 in a shark tank, complete with five tiger sharks and a sea turtle as witnesses — perfect for a couple that loves adventure and fun.

Today they live in New York City with their four cats, and love to explore the city together. “I call her the cruise director because she has a knack of finding all the wonderfully quirky things to do around New York.