The Mayor’s Office of LGBTQ Affairs and the Equality Chamber of Commerce are currently conducting a survey of LGBTQ businesses and employees to assess the “economic health” of the district’s LGBTQ community. “Recognizing that the LGBTQ+ community thrives when we have access to come together,” the mayor’s office said in the survey announcement. “[Our office] also seeks to study the state of LGBTQ+ community businesses’ ability to host gatherings and events.” The announcement defines the LGBTQ business community as those both owned by members of the community and those owned by “allies” whose businesses serve community members in the District.

The study also seeks to understand how LGBTQ employees interact economically with the District. “Where do you physically work?

Where do you virtually co-work? In a coffee shop? In a restaurant? Do you feel safe and comfortable in those spaces?” Equality Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Morgan Jameson asked the Washington Blade. “Because if you’re not waking up and going to sleep feeling safe in your own community, it limits your opportunities to become a leader in your company or become an entrepreneur.” Jameson, who teleworks from Virginia but is still a part of D.C.’s business economy, said while these exact questions may not be on the survey, they were a guide for understanding what modern resources the Chamber needs to either provide or advocate for.