After the successful visit of two RuPaul Drag Race stars to South African shores, S & S Productions and MVT Productions are pleased to announce that their third RuPaul’s Drag Race Contestant to perform at Babylon – The Joburg Bar, as well as Zer021 Social Club in Cape Town, is none other than Season 10 Contestant Mayhem Miller.

Mayhem is a noun which means violent or damaging, disorder, chaos. And that is the complete spectrum of what you will be forced to endure upon witnessing Mayhem. Your feelings will be violently shifted and you will be stripped of what you previously supposed a “drag queen” should be, while disorder and chaos descend over what you once thought, all because of Mayhem. Forever challenging your senses and shaking the very foundations of your emotions, Mayhem is both alive and dead as she will bless and slay her way to your anxiously beating heart, and with her talons she will pluck you from the mundane and gift you a purpose of being. She IS the show and the show IS she. Complete and utter Mayhem.

Hailing from the jewel of the Inland Empire, Riverside, CA, Mayhem Miller (a.ka. Dequan Johnson) has proven herself to be a paragon of what the Southern California drag scene has come to produce. She has performed and worked her way through the last 16 years of broom-closet dressing rooms and hours-long traffic jams to serve you a polished product that is truly unique and multi-faceted. Mayhem has always had such an enigmatic presence, it comes as little surprise that Drag became the only option to fully express the many talents she possessed.  She has even furthered that career into nurturing the paths and future careers of other drag queens by producing her own shows Los Angeles, Riverside, Palm Springs, and San Diego. She will have you cackling in your seat one minute and then steal your breath away the next with her captivating artistry and glamour. The art of female impersonation will never be the same now that Mayhem has, in some ways, literally danced her way through the ranks.

Mayhem says: “You are all beautiful, and don’t you let NOBODY tell you different.”

True to their word, the Organizers will be using Local Drag Queens at both venues as supporting acts giving the South African Queens the opportunity to share a stage with an International Performer. Zer021 Social Club will see SA Cabaret Legend Kat Gilardi and relative newcomer Livvi Livvi take to the stage and at Babylon – The Joburg Bar you can catch Khalani Fantabisher and duo, Paris Darling and Ally Ooop. Manila von Teez and Baba Ganoosh will be the respective club’s Hostesses on the evenings.  The Queens will also be involved in Outreach Programmes and get the opportunity to see our beautiful country, all in the hope of luring more and more of the LGBTI supporting community to our shores.


Zer021 Social Club – 30th April 2019: Tickets are on sale at R160 Pre-Sale and R220 at the Door, Limited Meet and Greets at R350. Tickets available through

Babylon – The Joburg Bar – 3rd May 2019. Tickets are on sale at R150 Pre-Sale and R250 at the Door, Limited Meet and Greet Tickets at R350 each. Tickets are available through

For more info regarding Babylon JHB contact Adam at and for Zer021 Social one can contact Barry Reid at You can read more about Mayhem Miller on