Mayhem Miller flew into Cape Town this week, then stopping off in Joburg before flying all the way back home. It literally is a whirlwind tour, the next in the series of RuPaul Drag Race Stars gracing our shores. Mayhem Miller was out in full force in Cape Town this week, performing alongside local talent. It turned into a wonderful evening out where fun was had by all.


The first part of the evening was the meet and greet, where Mayhem posed for pictures with various people who had booked to have their selfie taken with her. I managed to sneak myself into the queue and got one of my own!

It is interesting to see the difference in make-up styles between South African and US drag artists. Locally a number of performers opt for the less is more look. Mayhem has it all done to within an inch of her life, so it’s a bit daunting from up close and personal. She does take a pretty picture, though!

The sizable crowd was in a happy mood and joyfully took in the acts by the three artists on stage. Kat Gilardi gave an energetic performance. This seasoned performer obviously enjoyed herself very much and gave energy in spades. Livvi Livvie took the show up a notch before handing over to Mayhem Miller. It’s clear that Mayhem has lip synced her fair share in life, as she was confident and had the crowd eating from the palm of her hands. Her extra-white eyes had an otherworldly effect and she was slaying it with her choreography.


The second set had the crowd screaming and dancing on the tables. The highlight was hearing Mayhem’s beautiful, strong voice leading the audience in a singalong of Killing Me Softly, with the audience lustily join in, and a great time was had by all!

The beautiful people who attended were seen swinging on poles and generally enjoying themselves on the dancefloor, well into the early hours of the next morning. With Mayhem on her way to Joburg, you must surely make a plan to catch this act.


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