Prior to doing her part to help save American democracy from her crazy uncle, Donald Trump, bestselling author and podcaster Mary Trump worked as a psychologist and taught graduate courses in developmental psychology, trauma, and psychopathology.Related: Mary Trump says for the “first time in his entire life” her crazy uncle Donald is truly “terrified”With a PhD in clinical psychology, she knows a thing or two about mental health disorders.

And in a new interview with The Daily Beast podcast, she explains that the steady drip, drip, drip of revelations coming from the January 6 committee is most definitely taking a toll on her uncle’s already “deteriorating” mental state.Trump explained that the ex-president, who she believes suffers from narcissistic personality disorder, is unable to cope with the constant criticism in a public forum where he can’t fire back.Related: Mary Trump just made a dire prediction about the growing rift between Donald and Ivanka“He is addicted to being at the center of attention,” she explains. “I’m sure he’s as riveted by these hearings as we are, but incompletely different ways.”“For him to feel that the focus is shifting away from him or that he’s losing power will make things even worse because he won’t confront that and process it and deal with it.

He will bury it and therefore worsen his situation.”More likely than not, Trump adds, her uncle is making the people around him absolutely miserable as the hearings linger on.“I can only imagine what it’s like to be anywhere near him right now,” she says.