Loose Women ‘s Kaye Adams has said she hopes her professional partner for the new Strictly Come Dancing show will be gay. The star fears that a young heterosexuals man would be embarrassed about dancing with a woman old enough to be his mother.

Mum-of-two Kaye, 59, told the Mirror : “I don’t want a heterosexual. I would feel embarrassed for them – because a young, hot heterosexual will be like he’s dancing with his mum. “But if I got a nice gay guy, he’ll be fine with dancing with his mum.”Kaye also accepts she could be ditched in the show’s first week but is going to enjoy it regardless.She said: “I’m worried it’s going to look tragic, a woman of my age – the whole thing about trying to appear dancey when you’re older.

There’s absolutely no shame being voted out in the first week. My goal is to try to enjoy it.“I am terrified. Everything in me wanted to say no.