USA Today condemning the Texas Republican Party’s recently adopted anti-LGBTQ+ platform but claiming the national party is actually a welcoming space — something with which many LGBTQ+ people would no doubt disagree.“The Texas GOP isn’t just on the wrong side of history.

They’re shortsightedly on the wrong side of the modern Republican Party,” Log Cabin President Charles Moran wrote in the op-ed, taking the state party to task for calling homosexuality “an abnormal lifestyle choice” and not letting Log Cabin have a booth at its recent convention.

The USA Today article is available to subscribers only, but Log Cabin has posted the full text on its website.Moran asserted that Donald Trump made the Republican Party inclusive. “It’s difficult to understand just how game-changing Trump’s presidential campaigns and presidency were for LGBT conservatives, who were suddenly included as welcome members of the party after decades of being sidelined,” he said.Related — Check out more of the Advocate’s news coverage on Pride Today:He mentioned Trump declaring that marriage equality is a settled issue and appointing gay people to his administration, including Richard Grenell, who was ambassador to Germany and acting director of national intelligence.