Edinburgh Fringe is back, which means another programme of diverse queer theatre, cabaret, musicals, and comedy.This year, the Fringe is offering LGBTQ+ people and allies to celebrate stories from across the centuries: from Ancient Greece, to the 17th century, to modern day.Whether you want to explore euphoric biographical musicals or poignant dystopian realities, there’s something for everyone as the Fringe returns for the first time since the pandemic hit.In total, Edinburgh Fringe will boast 3,364 shows this August, with theSpaceUK specifically welcoming a spectacular range of LGBTQ+ entertainment in 400 shows.New writing from queer-led companies sits alongside gripping LGBTQ+ stories across a fantastic range of genres, so let’s take a look at the shows on offer for 2022.Worshipped opera singer and flaming bisexual Julie D’Aubigny is honoured in this original show.Cream Faced Loons celebrates the extraordinary life and adventures of Julie, queerness, and carving a place for yourself in the world.

A Wilde Life is a musical celebration of the ineffable Oscar Wilde. Witty and powerful, this biographical retelling takes place in a Parisian jazz café.Chevron Theatre’s score combines classic musical theatre with jazz and blues, providing a sultry soundtrack to an hour of unadulterated queer representation and celebration.This a love letter to adolescence, and an ode to those who grew up closeted and in the middle of nowhere (in this case, rural Iowa).Gara spent most of their life being a ‘girl’, but as a trans-masculine, non-binary person they are ready to bid farewell to girlhood, and give you some tips and tricks along the way.