The Deo Gloria Family Church will host its annual LGBTI-affirming SOZO Healing and Restoration Conference in Durban from 20 to 22 September.

The church, which prides itself on being a church for all people, has operated an independent, affirming Apostolic-prophetic ministry in KwaZulu-Natal since 1997, and the annual SOZO conference has taken place since 2008.

The conference is the conception of lead apostle of the DGAN Apostolic Network and Deo Gloria Family Church, Apostle Deborah Bell, after “experiencing a desire to see people having an encounter with God” and to “see people enter into a new dimension of God’s presence and revelation for the future”.

A Greek word, translated as “saved”, “healed”, “delivered”, “preserved” and “made whole”, the word “sozo” is used to denote being restored to wholeness, and is also the name of the Deo Gloria Family Church’s annual Apostolic prophetic conference.

SOZO 2019 will take place at The Square, 250 Umhlanga Rocks Drive in Umhlanga from 20 to 22 September this year, and will be hosted by Apostle Deborah Bell, with Prophet Marietjie Geldenhuys from Durban, Apostle Yvonne Harrison from New York and Apostle Rochelle Lubbe from Bloemfontein also making appearances.

Interested parties can register online for SOZO 2019, and a R150 registration fee is applicable.