Kim Cattrall is set to star in the first non-binary love scene of her career in the Queer As Folk reboot, meaning the person she has sex with does not identify as either male or female.The Sex And The City actress, 65, is best known for playing Samantha in the series, but now she’s taken on the role of Brenda in the revival of Russell T Davies’ iconic 90s show.Queer As Folk follows the lives of three gay friends living in Manchester and Brenda is one of their mothers.Discussing her character’s storyline, director Stephen Dunn said it will ‘take a fun turn’ as her friendship with other queer characters ‘become sexual.’Speaking to Attitude about Kim’s character, Stephen began: ‘I wrote the role only dreaming of being able to cast her.

She’s an incredible improvisor.‘She added the line at the end of her scene in episode seven, “Can I say bottoms?”, in response to her learning what is ok and not in this new queer friendship that she’s establishing.’He continued: ‘It becomes sexual, but it didn’t start that way.