October is GaySA Radio’s birthday month so, naturally, we come bearing gifts! This October, you can look forward to a number of new additions to our programming schedule, and we’re pretty sure you’re going to like it.


We don’t shy away from telling real stories in a real way, and #MyTransJourney isn’t any different. This programme will be raw and honest, providing a glimpse into the live of a transgender person. Each 50-minute episode will focus on a specific trans person’s journey through life, and the programme will feature, among others, Dr Anastacia Tomson, Niels Jansen (Mr Gay Denmark 2018) and Kattia Lemar Williams (Miss Transgender South Africa 2017).

Rainbow Families

In a heteronormative world, being anything but a traditional family comes with a very specific set of challenges. In each episode of this series we meet another LGBTQI+ family and find out what makes them tick.

Soul Searching

www.SoulSearching.life features stimulating ideas about psychology, wellness and spiritual wellbeing. Dr Thomas Budge leads the discussion with the awkward questions you’re afraid to ask, along with alternative ideas and innovative ways to approach life in general.

Marriage Material

Marriage Material is a short series featuring LGBTQI+ couples who are put to the test to see how well they know each other in front of a live audience. If you’re looking for a laugh, you can’t miss this one.

From the Vault

GaySA Radio was first established in 2015, and since then we’ve produced some of the most interesting LGBTQI+ content to hit the airwaves. If you’ve only discovered GaySA Radio, you won’t want to miss a look back at some of the content we created when we were just starting out.

Theatre Bitches

Hendrik and Annemarie aren’t easily impressed – perhaps because of their extensive theatre background – and often just spend the time after a show bitching about what they didn’t like. With that being said, the Theatre Bitches want to get you to also see the productions they’ve seen. Theatre Bitches gives you the lowdown of what is happening on the South African theatre circuit, with tongues firmly in cheek (until they’re not!).

Gadget Queens

Ethan Baird (also known as Finna Cry when he’s making music) is the quintessential geeky straight guy everyone needs to help them figure out their gadgets. In this show, Ethan introduces you to cool new tech, plays around with all kinds of gadgets and gets nostalgic about technology from days gone by.

LGBTQ+ Entrepreneur

In this show, featuring Enrique Grobbelaar of The Social Media Company, Jason Fiddler of the DGLFF, and life coach Paula Quinsee, among others, we take a look at the world of business, also as far as it pertains to LGBTQ+ business owners. Let the pink rand rise!

Time Warp

If you loved Back to the 80s, you can’t miss Time Warp. Slip through the wormhole with us once a month, and relive the music of bygone eras, alongside the LGBTQ+ history that it was the soundtrack for.

Open Day Panel Discussion

GaySA Radio’s Open Day Panel Discussions are interactive and enlightening. Listen to some of the topics relating to the LGBTQI+ community, including the Pride flag and other symbols, labelling, the coordination of efforts to serve the community, and a look at who the LGBTQI+ actually community is.