Kate McKinnon and Ariana DeBose brought all the lesbian laughs in a hilarious Saturday Night Live (SNL) Sappho sketch.

In the first episode of the year, SNL veteran, lesbian icon and comedy legend McKinnon and DeBose, star of the new West Side Story film, joined forces for a sketch in which they played classics lecturers at Cornell University.

During the lecture, the pair claimed to have found complete scrolls of poetry by ancient Greek poet Sappho, who was from Lesbos and is best known for her poems about love and women.

It seemed that many lesbian stereotypes were timeless as McKinnon and DeBose presented the never-before-seen poems.

The first read: “Wind in mountains. Eyes of goldenrod. We broke up, Helena. Please get your sandals out of here.”

Another went: “Golden raisins. River banks. Nancy, we just met. You’re scary and a bitch. Move in with me.”

The “most stirring of all” the scrolls read: “I don’t care if Helen of Generes was mean. She did a lot. You think James of Corden is a walk in the park?”

McKinnon and DeBose also explained that not only had scrolls been discovered, but also “artefacts which help us recreate Sappho’s life”, including a “toga with suspenders” and a vase emblazoned with Gillian Anderson playing Dana Scully in The X Files.

Viewers were beside themselves, with one writing on Twitter: “The Sappho history sketch with Kate McKinnon and Ariana De Bose on SNL last night was classic, full of lesbian laughs.”

actually dying at this SNL segment on Sappho

— Jake Lahut (@JakeLahut) January 16, 2022

“I didn’t know how much I needed Kate McKinnon as a Maddow-esque lesbian academic discussing Sappho, but now that we have it I can’t imagine life without it, said another. “Ariana DeBose with that silver hair streak too!”

A third told SNL: “Who wrote the Sappho skit, I want to pay them $1000 for bringing that to television.”

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