Yahoo Life last week for her reply to a question about her sexuality. She told the outlet, “I don’t like the word itself. It’s just like lesbian, it’s just like a lot.

But at the end of the day, that’s what I am.”The former-Dance Moms star then went to compare the word to “moist.”After the interview aired, TikTok and Twitter users began calling her out.“Lesbian is not a dirty word and the stigma needs to be unlearned BADLY,” wrote Twitter user butchryouma.“JoJo Siwa telling the millions of underage girls who look up to her that she feels disgusted by the word ‘lesbian’ is really annoying,” user femfrau wrote.

In a TikTok on Friday addressing the backlash, Siwa responded to a comment from user @that_akward_mango who said, “That is not what happened, she called it a dirty word.