A post shared by JOHNNY SIBILLY (@johnnysibilly)Johnny Sibilly has told followers he would happily have sex with himself if it were possible to do so.On TikTok, the Queer As Folk actor posted a video of himself reacting to several contestants in a male beauty pageant.

They came from different countries and most met with Sibilly’s lusty approval.One viewer then pointed out the obvious: The contestants all bear a passing resemblance to Sibilly himself.“Looks like you’re watching yourself, and the more you like the more they look like you,” they said.The observation throws up interesting ideas about male beauty: Do many gay men cultivate their looks to match their own ideas of beauty?

Or is finding yourself attractive an example of self-acceptance?Related: Johnny Sibilly is telling the untold stories of proud queer men of colorSibilly took the comment and responded to it on a later TikTok video.“Interesting.