A post shared by JOHNNY SIBILLY (@johnnysibilly)Queer As Folk and Pose actor Johnny Sibilly poses in a variety of underwear for a new interview with Behind The Scenes magazine.

Sibilly, who was born in New Orleans but raised in Miami, thankfully posted several of the shots to his Instagram. You can see more, and read the full interview, at Behind The Scenes.In the piece, Sibilly recalls being a big fan of the original American version of the show, but also being a little shocked by it.“I saw Brian going down on Justin – he was eating him out from the back.

I was like, ‘Waaaait a second!’ [laughs] I was very young so I didn’t even think about how gay men had sex, I just knew that I thought boys were attractive – seeing that was a little too much for me at that age, so I remember being floored at what I was watching.