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Two Dancing With the Stars Alums do not get along, and one of them decide to out the feud on social media, Radar has learned.

Jo Jo Siwa decided to play a little game of celebrity show-and-tell poolside n Sunday. She began the quick-turn reveals on her phone

The TikTok video began asking the question: “Rudest celebrity I’ve ever met…” The image that she revealed all too briefly and that users had to free-frame the screen to ascertain: Candace Cameron Bure.

Bure has yet to respond, and details beyond that are scarce. Siwa may have met Bure at a Fuller House premiere in 2016. Or their paths perhaps crossed somehow via DWTS, on which they competed, but during different seasons.



Siwa has had her battles with Nickelodeon, which explains the fifth and final part of her brief TikTok video, which at press time, had been viewed more than 15 million times. For “Celebrity that did me dirty…”, she displayed an image of cartoon character SpongeBob Squarepants.

Her “Celebrity crush” is Zendaya; the “Nicest celebrity I’ve met…” honors went to Miley Cyrus; and the “Coolest celebrity I’ve me…” was deemed to be Sir Elton John, currently in the midst of his farewell Europe and U.S. tour.

As always, the comments on TikTok reveal some interesting reactions. User Delilah, in seeming reference to the Bure diss, wrote, “My husband ran to me with this. I was a child actress who worked with her and the way I jumped out of bed and AGREED WHOLEHEARTEDLY.”



Meanwhile, user Sarah wondered, “I mean.. what did Candice Cameron do that is worse-more rude than Abby’s yelling all those years? ? I gotta know lol’

By far the loudest chorus of agreement was for Siwa’s declaration of Zendaya as her celebrity crush. User Zante Botha spoke for many, commenting, “I mean don’t all of us gaee girls have a crush on Zendaya?”