pic.twitter.com/E1cj8Bsa7G— iana murray (@ianamurray) July 3, 2022he looks like shawty from the bear pic.twitter.com/oIp32lWmOM— lea cs (@bigfatmoosepssy) July 23, 2022jeremy allen white as carmen “carmy” berzatto.

that’s it. that’s the tweet. pic.twitter.com/XMAHCo8HdU— z (@tomlette_greggs) July 5, 2022I’m actively in therapy to help me stop falling in love with men who look like this but The Bear on Hulu is worth the mental set back. #TheBear #hulu pic.twitter.com/szOQJusAf7— Nikki Slowiak (@Nikkis817) July 6, 2022I wasn’t immune to the Jeremy Allen White effect either: after a few episodes, Carmy started becoming hotter and hotter to me.

It was that trademark combination, I think, of sleepiness, vulnerability, and unwashed long hair that did it. “I think he’s hot in a young Sean Penn kind of way,” a colleague told me. “Sort of emotionally simmering, trying to rewrite the narrative of his family and suppressed emotion.”“Confidence is sexy,” another colleague said, “and he has that!”But again, it’s that quiet confidence.