This just in: Come January, Madison Cawthorn will no longer have his congressional salary and could be quite literally jobless, penniless, and facing the prospect of criminal charges.Related: Madison Cawthorn lands starring role in his very own ethics investigationAccording to The Daily Beast, the outgoing, one-term congressman maybe probably violated campaign laws with his “outrageous” spending of campaign funds meant to be used during his now-defunct general election campaign, including blowing thousands of dollars on dining at the vehemently anti-LGBTQ fastfood chain Chick-fil-a and at least three shopping sprees at a high-end cigar shop.

A post shared by Madison Cawthorn (@madisoncawthorn)An anonymous campaign source says the anti-LGBTQ GOP Representative’s campaign was so strapped for cash during the end of his failed primary that it was forced to dip into general fund money.Related: Madison Cawthorn, thoroughly humiliated, just flipped on Donald Trump in the most pathetic wayUnfortunately, election laws forbid those funds from being spent until the general election.