Proudly out Cape Town singer and songwriter Latheem Gabriel
Latheem, who grew up in Mitchells Plain started singing at the age of eight and composing songs by sixteen. He was trained to play the guitar and violin. His soulful voice, vocal range and tone is reminiscent of Alanis Morissette meets Tracy Chapman.
Latheem’s musical inspirations include; his world view, his family, social injustice, love and relationship dynamics. “My musical point of view stems from my personal life and love experiences, human rights activism and our shifting social and political landscape.” He’s since been making a name for himself as an LGBTIQ conscious singer, songwriter and performer,
Latheem’s talents have taken him far and wide, including performing for the Mayor of Stockholm in 2011,sharing the stage with artists such as Zolani Mahola from Freshly Ground, Jimmy Nevis, Craig Lucas and SAMA award winner, Nakhane.
His talents also extend to media creation in the form of Fitrah – a compelling documentary directed and produced by Latheem that addresses sexual diversity within the Islamic community and features his original composition “War is Where the Heart is”
His pastimes include; photography, creative writing and Yoga. In 2017 he released a five track EP that deals with romance, childhood dreams and social issues as well as releasing his first music video of his single “Mr Walk of Shame”.
He was awarded a lead role in the musical ‘Fame’ and has had his single “Human Being” selected as the official Pretoria Pride Anthem for 2017 which reached #1 on GaySA Radio’s top 30 chart.
In an interview, Latheem said “I can’t control how someone is going to react to my being gay but it’s never stopped me. Call me naive but I’d like to believe that the message music brings speaks louder than our prejudice.”
Latheem recently launched his third single, Seed of Unease, written and performed by him and produced by Vanir Elda.
Seed of Unease is a lyrically charged track that looks at the conversation between older and younger self. It hints at the long term effects that a dysfunctional home can have on a child and the healing that can be achieved through connecting with one’s inner child.
Seed of Unease is set to a feel-good EDM backdrop (electronic dance music) that encourages one to “dance through the storm”.
“I was inspired to write this song as a means to address the deep-seated stuff that gets hardwired into us as kids through trauma,” says Latheem.
He explains that writing the song and its lyrics was also a deeply personal experience. “For me, it was a means to heal the wounds beneath the scar tissue caused by issues of abandonment and neglect as a kid.”
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You can listen to Latheem’s hit singles here. It’s also available on iTunes, Google Play and all major online music stores.

Latheem performing Walk of Shame live on Expresso

Human Being – Pretoria Pride 2017

Latheem performing Seed of unease live on Expresso

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