Responses have been edited for length and clarity. —jamesarthurwrites—Anonymous, 29, New York—Shauna Braun—hiitsnicetomeetyou—Riley MacDonald”No representation for asexual or demisexual people, or when it does exist, it’s something that needs to be ‘cured,’ like in that awful episode of House, M.D., or it’s used to infantilize the characters, often with their virginity being a sign that they’re not a ‘real’ man or woman yet, and their character’s growth is tied to them finally having sex.

Which also ignores the fact that while some ace and demi people are virgins, not all of us are.”—stofzuiger—Anonymous, 42, Wisconsin—Anonymous, 34, United Kingdom —monikaaat—prolix”They did this with Loki and with Noah from Law & Order SVU (I know he’s, like, 11) where it’s said in the show but if you didn’t hear it you’d never know these are supposed to be queer characters.

Either put up or shut up.”—justchillman—travisk4f4edb82b—Kendra King—Anonymous, 21, North Dakota—Anndee”I’m also over the media not portraying ‘flamboyant’ gays and people with ‘gay’ voices: We need more ‘gay’ voice actors in leading roles and in stories about gay people.” —mattchuuu—Anonymous, 25, Illinois—Anonymous, 34, New York—Diego Romeu—seekyou—richwise2002—miab4e8eaccc7″Also the ‘gay best friend.’ I will immediately shut you down if you qualify me as ‘gay’ in any way.