Shay Robertson, 51, who works in a garage, surprised fiancée Julie McLean, 53, with a ready-made wedding day.The couple, both parents from Northampton, tell the story of how Shay following his dreams led to true love and happiness… As his fiancée Julie walked down the aisle dressed in a beautiful lace gown, Shay Robertson, rocking a smart blue suit and a neatly trimmed beard, was bursting with pride.Their wedding was 11 years to the day since they first met.

But back then they were Sally and Julie, both mums of two. Now they were about to become husband and wife after Sally underwent five years of gruelling gender reassignment surgery to become Shay, a man whose looks are based on the singer and actor Shayne Ward. “Our wedding day in April this year was perfect,” says Shay. “I wanted to show my love for Julie, especially after all the support she’s given me.

We’d talked about getting married for a long time and I had to work hard to save the money but it was worth it. “Julie’s the love of my life and I feel very lucky.