If you have not yet heard of Hunter, you are in for a treat!

Hunter is new to the music scene, having finally taken the plunge to realise a life-long ambition to become a musician. He is most certainly destined to become the most celebrated flag-bearer for gay rights in recent history. Within just a few months of Hunter’s first music video ‘So Gay’ going viral on Facebook, he caught the attention and endorsements of some major international influencers, including Pink News UK, Gay-Amsterdam Radio, Top40 Charts New York, and was invited by leading LGBT entertainment authorities – Duckie UK – to perform at their London event September 2018 at the Royal Vauxhall in London.

Africa’s enfant terrible musician, Hunter.

Born in Tanzania and growing up in London, Hunter (aka Hunter the Voice) has cemented himself as Africa’s enfant terrible of the music world, launching a media campaign which has seen him goading far-right groups into watching the video to his debut track, ‘So Gay’. And yes, it was released on Valentine’s Day, the perfect fuck-you to naysayers and homophobes! The ‘So Gay’ club mix reached number 25 on the UK Music Week Commercial Pop Charts. Keeping the momentum high, Hunter’s second single ‘Bamboo’ climbed to number 24 on the UK Music Week Commercial Pop Charts in Dec 2018.

And now he has released his 3rd single called ‘Mona Lisa Man’.

Speaking with Hendrik in Cape Town recently, he talked about homophobia. He says: “Homophobia is a huge topic, it’s been a huge thing for me and for many people. I have experienced it in different ways. My experience has been quite subtle and it’s been extreme.” He has been chased down streets, followed in cars and on public transport.

Hunter’s new single is Mona Lisa Man, and it can be heard on GaySA Radio

He is of Indian origin and when he travels to India, he says the first question he gets asked is when he’s getting married. This is for him a subtle way of experiencing it. Now living in Cape Town for the foreseeable future, he says being gay is celebrated in this city. “There is nothing wrong being gay”, he says. “This is the first city I have lived in where I feel completely open and free.”

Speaking about coming out, he says he expected a big reaction from his father. Coming from a Muslim household, it is obviously not acceptable being gay, and so when he came out he expected to be disowned by his father. Big was his surprise when the reaction was quite the opposite. It has been “normalised” in some way in that the family was more interested in whether he was in a loving relationship rather than a same-sex one. He says: “My mom and dad come from a very strong Muslim community. The biggest thing for them was owning up to having an alternative son. What will the community think? Where did I go wrong? That’s what they were scared about, their own reception in the family.” Now they understand that there is nothing wrong with it and they respect and accept him.

His first single, ‘So Gay’, was an angry song and it had a crazy response. He says: “The amount of backlash and feedback I received, both negative in positive, was something I could not ignore. The first single got a lot of respect from musos.” After releasing this piece of art that gained traction, people started calling him an activist. It’s not a label he wanted to have, but he gladly carries the flag and owns being called so gay with pride.

His new single is ‘Mona Lisa Man’ and he says he got the title in a club when somebody was admiring his very many tattoos and said: “You are a Mona Lisa Man.” The song is about staying in relationships that don’t serve you, and choosing the same type of relationships even though they are not good for you. “The common denominator has been me in these relationships and one has to own up to one’s responsibility and do that deep soul searching groundwork in order to clear those certain issues that one has before the next relationship. Mona Lisa Man is definitely dedicated to anybody that has low self-esteem and I have to tell you that you are worth more than gold.”

Hunter is not only a musician, but he is also a designer who studied fashion design. There are some examples of his stunning clothing range on his website. For him music and fashion go hand in hand. He is currently rehearsing for a live show which he will perform soon in Cape Town. Watch this space for more news about that. You can hear Hunter’s music by listening to GaySA Radio.


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