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This is a common fear, but it’s not at all the reality. ‘I have spoken with some who grew a family that is not genetically theirs, and this concern fades away once the child is with them,’ says Melissa. ‘And there are many examples of this bonding regardless of whether the person is queer or not: step-parents, adoptive parents, foster parents, those who brought children into the world with the help of donor eggs or donor sperm. ‘Being a parent requires so many different skills, and being genetically connected to a child is not a determinant of those skills.’ Remember this: the ‘traditional’ way of starting a family isn’t always a magical, perfect dream – and just as parents who go through a natural pregnancy have no guarantee of the perfect child and the perfect journey, going through the non-traditional route doesn’t destine you to have a family that’s in any way ‘lesser’.

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