Welcome to Curtain Call, our mostly queer take on the latest theater openings on Broadway and beyond.If Circle Jerk sounds salacious, it’s only because co-creators Michael Breslin and Patrick Foley have tapped into a hypersexualized agenda propagated by those attacking the queer community and those within it.

Nobody is left unscathed in the Pulitzer Prize-nominated, live, three-act multimedia theatrical installation that disrupts the disrupters.Welcome to Gaymen Island, where Jurgen and Lord Baby Bussy plan on taking over the world by creating an AI meme that will manipulate your mind into thinking you have the power of free will.

In the prologue, a maniacal troll prepares sets the scene:“So let me tell a tale of a story of a plotWhere humans learn the power and contagion of a thought.”Patrick, an aspiring actor, enters the scene along with his BFF Michael, who eventually unearths the plan about to be hatched.