The Summer I Turned Pretty, which debuted on the platform in June, young adult survival drama The Wilds is bidding farewell, after just two seasons.

The beloved series, which first stole hearts in 2020, has been officially canceled, Deadline reports. It centers on a group of teenage girls stranded on an island, navigating survival as the subjects of a social experiment.

Season two added a new group of survivors into the equation — that time, all boys.The news of the cancelation comes nearly three months after the second season premiered, making it a surprise to many, with cast and crew members “just told about the decision,” according to Deadline.The show tackled a slew of timely issues that continue to shape Gen Z culture– ie gender roles and toxic masculinity– while also highlighting POC and queer characters like Toni (Erana James) and Shelby (Mia Healey). (The couple quickly became the sapphic love story of 2020 following the show’s release.)”I felt so lucky to tell that story.