the Trump-loving social media influencer and son of former NFL-star-turned-U.S.-Senate-candidate Herschel Walker, appeared on left-wing political commentator Hasan Piker’s stream this week, where he made a rather head-scratching declaration about his sexuality.While rating the attractiveness of various media figures on both the left and the right, Piker told Walker he would “crush the conservative space” in comparison to gay right-wing YouTuber Dave Rubin.It was meant to be a compliment, but Walker took offense.“Don’t call—Don’t put that ghetto g-word on me.

I just like masculine men. I’m not a—I don’t wanna be lumped in with the rainbow people,” he said. “Gay conserv—I’m not a gay conservative.

I’m a conservative who likes men.”Hasan Piker: “You would crush the gay conservative space…”Christian Walker: “Don’t call—Don’t put that ghetto g-word on me.