Renaissance Act I is the first of a promised three-act project. Created during the pandemic, the star purposed to create a project that allowed her “to dream and find escape.” As such, she worked to “create a safe place, a place without judgment.

A place to be free of perfectionism and overthinking,” she wrote in a note. “A place to scream, release, feel freedom.” And for it she referenced the LGBTQ+ community, and collaborated with various members of the community.Most notably, in her song “Cozy,” the second of the album, Bey paints the colors of the Progress Pride flag.

As a fa noted on Twitter, the flag, which was an update on the original design, aims to “bring to the forefront marginalized LGBTQ+ people of color, trans people, and those living with/lost to HIV/AIDS.” And it tracks.Before Renaissance Act I’s release, Beyonce wrote that she wanted to give “a big thank you to my uncle Jonny.