The Mummy was a swashbuckling summer blockbuster. For others, it was a confirmation of same-sex attraction. Take the Reddit user who posted a comic about coming out of the 1999 film and thinking, “OK, so I’m definitely not straight.”(The comic is an edited version of an Adam Ellis creation from last year, in which the movie in question isn’t The Mummy but 1997’s Batman & Robin.

You know, the movie that famously gave the Caped Crusader a suit with “Bat-Nipples.”)A few other Reddit users also hailed the daddies of Mummy, praising “Brendan Frasier at his peak Hollywood hunk leading man phase” and “the bad bald guy … because he was shirtless all the time.”Other commenters, meanwhile, named other movie characters who sealed the deal…“When I was watching the Mamma Mia movie back in the day, and the song ‘Does Your Mother Know?’ comes up, those hunks in their swimming trunks were something I was fascinated by.

But I didn’t realize until I was 12.”“This is a weird one from me, but, um, How to Train Your Dragon is my gay awakening.”“Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians was the last hit in the nail.